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'The Distant Woodworks'. 1990-2001. Mixed Media.

This is a series of approximately 30 3-dimensional paintings mounted in glazed wooden boxes. Selections have been exhibited throughout the British Isles however the most complete set the artist ever exhibited was the 21 assembled for the exhibition 'Enclosed Spaces' at the Engine Room Gallery Belfast from October to November 2001. Other pieces from this series are unrecorded and in private collections. Click on a thumbnail for a bigger picture.

1 The Threat of War Strikes 2 Threat of the Air Strikes 3 Crater
4 Rhythm of the Mulls Conspiracy 5 Framed Burning Bush Fire 6 Ship of State Breaking the Boom
7 The Cosmic Background Sound of the Garden 8 Vision of the Coelacanth 9 Impact of the Star Fighters
10 The Ejection of Eve and Adam on their River Run 11 The Ripple of the Scrolls 12 Sky High Cross
13 Early Warning of the Spiralling Attack 14 Symbolical Hanging of the Friendly Fire 15 Symbol of the Air Strikes
16 S. Pacific Apologies 17 The Skyscraper of Babels Children 18 The Vengeance Nest
19 In My Daughters House are Many Mansions 20 The Sweet Sound of Martyrdoms Infidelity 21 Sound of the Eagle Stars and Bars