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'The Silk Road Situation'. Acrylic on Silk.

This is a series of 23 paintings 7 large, 6 medium and 10 small works. All are painted with acrylic on silk. They will be exhibited in Mai's Gallery HoChiMinh City during June 2004.

The primary reference in this series of paintings is conflict and conflict resolution. I have developed my imagery from a primarily local perspective which I have refracted through a universal prism. I feel that in these works my symbolism, imagery and language can now be 'read' internationally and as the compositions are primarily aesthetic I can leave it to the viewer to draw their own conclusions as to the meaning of my art and as to whether it is successful or not. I am very interested to hear how these paintings are 'read' in Vietnam as I am conscious of how different our societies are. I welcome all interpretations and am particularly interested to hear how the Vietnamese people respond to these actual paintings which have never been exhibited together before and which includes one large painting entitled 'Endless' painted especially for this exhibition

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