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Title: ‘ The Other Place’
Location: The Peter Froggatt Centre (The Quadrangle Queen’s University)
Art Groups: Creative Exchange / Greengrass, Bluegrass , Newgrass Project N.I.
Preview: 6pm - 8pm Wednesday 3 rd November 2004
Exhibition Continues: Thursday 4th November – 13 th November 2004 10am - 9pm
Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm Saturday (closed Sunday)
Contact: Acitore Atezione Tel/e-mail/Web: Tel: 07905922215 e-mail:
Web: or

In association with the Belfast Festival at Queen’s, Creative Exchange (artists’ studio group) and Greengrass, Bluegrass, Newgrass Project N.I. (International artists collective) are playing host to a large scale international collaborative exhibition by artists from USA, The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. On the preview night live bluegrass music will be performed.

The title of ‘The Other Place’ has been the inspiration and background to this major project. Thirty five artists have collaborated to produce digital images of their individual work that come together to produce several truly innovative artworks. The artworks includes a unique transparent window construction which entails 330 images combined into a quilt pattern with a stained glass effect, an animated slide show of images composed with music and a large scale digital projection.

Deirdre Robb from Creative Exchange Studio Group said “We are delighted to be taking the lead in this project. The theme of the Festival this year is Travel and Migration’ and this exhibition has a direct connection. Over the years the artists have regularly travelled to meet and collaborate on specific projects. Alongside travel the artists regularly communicate with the aid of the World Wide Web. This exhibition is borne from the email traffic of artist’s imagery”. This is the sixteenth project in a series of collaborations, exhibitions and residencies that has occurred in all three countries, and have taken place over the past six years. To date over 100 artists have been involved and not only has the production of quality artworks been produced but long term transatlantic relationships have been made.

Clayton Campbell internationally renowned artist and critic forwarded this statement to the project. “It is so easy to fill yourself up with misconceptions about other cultures, and to even carry these misconceptions in to contact with those cultures and make them much worse! I trust artists to see through this sad possibility, and with humor and pathos change everyone’s world view just a bit. My images were developed during a residency in Ireland at IMMA, and during visits to Belfast , for which I will be ever grateful, because it opened my heart and my eyes.”

Ian Fleming, Chair of Greengrass, Bluegrass, Newgrass Project N.I. stated “Although The Grasses started with a single visit from American Artist Susan Gorsen in 1998 the projects to date have involved over 100 artists who now have a share in the same vision. “The success of the grasses project and its organic growth over the years is due to the meeting of minds in artistic endeavours and the bonus is the real friendships that have grown out of it.”  

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To accompany the exhibition ‘The Other Place’ Creative exchange is presenting a programme of talks.
Time: Thursday 4 th November2004 at 7.30pm
Talk Venue: Peter Froggatt Centre Foyer, The Quadrangle Queen’s University  

Belfast artists Colin Mc Gookin and Deirdre Robb will discuss the background to the current exhibition in the context of their own practice.
Peter Richards
artist and Director of the Golden Thread Gallery, will discuss a range of concerns surrounding cultural exchange within contemporary visual arts practice.
Colette Norwood
Arts officer of the British Council will present information on the support available for artists and arts organisations in Northern Ireland Engaged in coordinating and promoting arts abroad through the British Council.

There will also be a series of outreach workshops linked to the exhibition. For information you can Contact: Acitore Atezione Tel: 07905922215 e-mail: check out the Belfast festival @ Queen’s website

Creative Exchange Workshop: another place - another dimension

Notes to editors: ‘Creative Exchange’ was formed in 1996 when a group of artists based in an around East Belfast identified a need for the promotion of new art and the exchange of creative ideas. Since then members of the group have been involved in many local and international projects. The group includes painters, sculptors, video and installation artists whose activities have attracted support from many sources including the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council. They are now firmly established as one of the most active visual arts collectives in Ireland . Greengrass Bluegrass Newgrass project N.I. (GBN) has is an artist based initiative that has been involved and developed in fifteen exhibitions, residencies or collaborations in the past six years. It is hoped that this exhibition outreach workshops and programme of talks will encourage the public to engage with visual art as a part of their overall cultural experience and to raise awareness of the arts in Northern Ireland through the work of ‘Creative Exchange’ and ‘GBN’ . Should you wish to know more about ‘Creative Exchange’ check out our website on or email  

Should you wish to know more about ‘Greengrass Bluegrass Newgrass project N.I.‘ check out our website on